5 Tips to find the best web design company in Chennai

Entrepreneurs nowadays could not avoid meeting web design companies in Chennai. For any business, website development would be a good start. New businesses are coming into competition every day. Choosing the right web solution partner amongst the millions of companies is not very simple.  Here, JAYAM WEB SOLUTIONS shares a few important tricks to find the best.

A quick review on benefits of a business website:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, web development technologies gave life to many new businesses online. Without overstating on usual benefits, we can directly look into the main goal of the website.  As everyone knows, without a website it is tough to reach your target audience. Finding your market will be a challenge.

In simple, your website is a route map for your business growth.

Without based on size of business (Start-ups, Mid-sized and Corporate enterprises) web development builds opportunities for marketing.

Basic checks every business owner does are Google search, Call to the concerned team, check with their experience and portfolio, pricing, negotiation. Apart from this, there is some other perspective to go with. There you will get a good partner to develop your business with website strategically.

1. How to do with Google Search Results?

Searching with Google gives you more results page by page. Note that, Websites listed in Google Ads and Map will not come under ranking. Make sure you are doing the search using Cookies free browser or Incognito/private browser. Choose the top 5 web design companies in Chennai and start enquire. The representative of the company may be a sales/marketing person or tech person. Your plan of action, business goal should be patiently heard.

You should be given ideas of building your website with user experience and market trends. User friendly web pages reduce your marketing effort to 50%. Also it will be useful when you do SEO for digital marketing.

2.  What to discuss with the website design service provider?

Let them know about your full requirement. Be clear on what you need to acquire with website. Don’t separate your business/marketing plan and website strategy. Both should work together to build a success story.

You should be first clear on your requirements & with your business goal. Discuss with the web development company about your target audience, services/products, USP & markets to cover. Check whether you are given with a satisfied solution.

For instance, you want to develop an ecommerce website. The quotation should include all the required trendy features based on customer driven strategies. Discuss about Mobile Experience, Fast Loading of product images, & Secured web development method.

3. Cross check with a few of user-friendly websites from the portfolio

To choose a website design company as your service provider, interact with their past projects. Get a list of websites and know how they handled strategies for better user-experience.

Discuss with few selective websites about the story it was built. Also, search for those websites in Google and try to know something on how the websites are performing. So that, you will get some conclusions & ideas about how they will develop your website.

4. What are the front end and back end technologies your website would have?

On technical part, be clear on which technology used for front and back-end development. You can ask them demo for the above. Here, you should find how easily the pages are accessible.

Type of front end technologies:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, AngularJs, ReactJs, VueJs.

Type of back end technologies:

Top Php Frameworks (Codeigniter, Laravel, CakePHP, Yii)

You can prefer development on any of php frameworks.

5. SEO friendly web pages

Search engine friendly pages are most important these days. Below are few of important aspects that must have:

Mobile Friendly
Effective call-to-action
Fast loading
Optimized Images
Schema Mark-up

Get quotation from the top web design companies in Chennai and compare. While choosing the best, you should consider the below points.

Engagement of the company for your requirement,
Experience on Technology & Marketing,
How they involved with you in discussion about what you want,
Cost effectiveness of the services.

You can reach JAYAM WEB SOLUTIONS for developing your business website to increase your conversion rate. Make your visitors realize that you are trustworthy with user-friendly design and feature.