7 Must Follow Steps To Increase Website Traffic And Conversions In SEO

20.10.2021 – Wednesday

An SEO Company in Chennai can do it for you. SEO is taking the top priority among the marketers in the recent years. Β It is very simple. When you rank high on SERP, you gain more traffic, sales and conversions. However, how do you increase the odds of ranking well on Google? What are the essential steps in increasing web traffic and conversion rates? Here are the steps for you.

Keywords Search & Target Pages

Do you intend to increase traffic to your site? Then you probably need SEO Services. You require their support to create strong keywords. The keywords should be highly relevant and compelling to the customers. Visibility seems to be a major concern in SEO. Focusing on keyword research is one of the ways to achieve greater visibility.

It is quite common that buyers who are ready to buy search products/services with different keywords. They have different search intents. So their keywords will too differ. Ideally, keyword research should cover all types of user search intent. The keywords considered most relevant to be picked and targeted.

Guest Posting in other Websites

Backlinks stand as a valuable ingredient of an SEO company. Quality backlinks act as a confidence element from one site to another. One of the common methods to generate backlink by an SEO Company is to write guest posts. Guest posting involves writing and publishing an article on the website or blog of someone. It is one of the easiest ways to drive more website traffic.

Content Update – Follow E-A-T

E-A-T in SEO is the abbreviation for Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness SEO. This gives a set of standards or guidelines for content. If you want to get a high ranking on Google and increase traffic, you must adhere to it. Google is constantly trying to satisfy its users by delivering accurate and intuitive search results. The best part is you can improve the chances to appear top on it. A great way to do this is to ensure that your content reflects your Expertise, Authoritativeness, & trustworthiness. To put simply, follow E-A-T. Approaching a SEO Company Chennai can help you here.

Email Marketing to increase traffic

Do you know? More than half of marketers have planned to increase their email marketing budgets? Now, it is the time for you to focus on email marketing to increase traffic. Email marketing is considered as one of the highly engaging methods in SEO services Chennai.

Those who have interest in your brand have already subscribed to receive your emails. All you have to do is to turn them into loyal customers. Now the challenge that lies in front of you is to keep them engaged with email campaigns.

Get to know of their expectation in signing up
Send engaging and warming welcome messages
Have frequent email communication
Personalized messages are appreciated
Attention grabbing subject lines can help

Answer for Quora Questions

Quora is an effective medium for question and answer in the world. And it is growing rapidly. It is the time for you to get into that if you need a rise in traffic and conversions.

If you still haven’t thought about making use of Quora, then you may lose huge loyal traffic for your website. Means you will miss out on big business deals.

Tips to drive traffic from Quora
Join Quora and optimize your profile
Figure out questions that will be worth and relevant for you
Create content and link your website or call to action
Ensure your answer is structured for maximum views

Local SEO

Local searches of β€˜Near me’ have seen 200% growth rate in the recent two years. It stands for the importance of businesses to contact SEO services in Chennai for their local SEO. No matter, you run a restaurant business or are involved in any services offering, local SEO is very important for you.

When it comes to small business, a common challenge is restricted funds for marketing. However, it will not be an obstacle to avail services from the best SEO companies in Chennai. With local SEO, it is possible to target potential customers living nearby and searching for businesses similar to you. Thus you will be able to drive traffic to your website.

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

It is very obvious that SEO is not easy. All SEO services company in Chennai will stand for this. The term β€˜long’ in long tail keywords doesn’t mean the length of the keyword. Actually, they are full questions entered by a user to search on Google. So, it is important to remember not to think about the length that defines a long tail keyword. But it is the search volume of the keyword, and its competitiveness.

Searchers use long tail keywords with the purpose of buying. They know well what they need. So they will be very specific with their search query. Traffic that arrives from such long tail keywords will result in a higher conversion rate. Long-tail keywords are highly effective sources for organic traffic. It may seem to take a bit longer to deliver significant results. Still, irrespective of its low volume, they are worth the investment for long-term gains.

Irrespective of your business size, paying attention to SEO is crucial for your growth. If you like to improve your visibility and attain more leads, SEO is the key. We hope you have learned some of the tips to get significant traffic.

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