Different Types Of Mobile App Development

A mobile app is a powerful tool in establishing powerful connections between businesses and customers. In fact, the favor that a mobile application can do for a business goes beyond the imagination. Are you planning to build and launch your business mobile application? If yes, there are certain factors that you should consider in creating the app. The most foremost question that arises in front of you is which mobile app approach is the way to go. Most of us know that when talking about mobile app development services we usually have two major platforms that are Android and IOS.

Android, an open-source platform developed by Google and IOS developed and supported by Apple, but both are specifically used on its devices only. Unfortunately Android and IOS can’t run together on a single device and that is the reason we are looking for different types of mobile apps for different platforms.

Types of mobile applications – Which can work best for a business?

Every business is intended to influence people with the latest tools and technologies available in the market. But the fact is there are thousands of applications developed every day and the competition is very fierce. This creates a challenge for businesses to choose the right app platform that suits their needs well. So, they used to keep a question in front of the developers of Mobile App Development Company In Chennai – which mobile app approach brings benefits to vision?

Do you know the probable answer here from the experts? A particular type of mobile development is said to be effective if it is capable of accommodating all the requirements of a business. In addition, it is recommended by professionals to do a deep research into the market, analyze competition and know about the end users for a perfect app development.

Native App Development

Native mobile app development is built for a specific operating system meaning that these apps are native for a particular operating system. Say for example, if you are planning an app for Android and iOS, these native apps will be developed separately by the Mobile App Development Company in Chennai for each platform by making use of use of completely different technology stacks.

Native app development supports all available features of the developing platform and compatible devices. This app development has its unique benefits and remains to be more preferable among the developers of top mobile app Development Company. Simultaneously, you can have unique user experience with native tools and make sure that each OS user feels at home.


Higher performance and responsiveness
highly reliable, secure and Platform-specific UI implementation
Can easily interact with any of the device’s features.
More Intuitive and interactive.


Since they are developed for a specific platform, native apps can only work on one platform. Hence you can target only a specific set of audience.
Native app development is complex in nature and requires professional development and support.
Every platform of iOS and Android needs a separate set of codes meaning that development time required is more. You can’t port the code from one platform to another.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid app development can look and feel like native apps, but it is actually a web app on the inside. As the name indicates, hybrid app development is a combination of native and web-based applications. Developing hybrid apps through a reliable mobile application development company in Chennai can be the right solution if you are creating a Minimum viable product (MVP) to test an idea on the market. With a hybrid mobile app development, you can deliver a simple version of an app product to your potential users’ hands rapidly. This type of mobile app development gives more data to analyze downloads and usage on the users’ device than a web app.Moreover, a hybrid app can be used across various platforms such as iOS, Android and windows.


Hybrid app development has only one code base to manage, and thus it saves time and money in the development.
This app can have the same and consistent user experience across platforms irrespective of different devices or browsers.
Let’s access the device’s features like native apps.
Hybrid App development is based on web technologies and hence these apps can run on browsers like any other website or can run as Progressive Web App (PWA). It is possible to update the app as many times you need to. It carries low maintenance cost.


Hybrid app development approach of mobile app development companies Chennai can’t go well for 3D, HD games, high graphics-oriented apps and similar other performance centric applications.
Since hybrid apps load in a web view, performance is much lower when compared with native apps.
As the app can’t be customized based on the platform, user experience will be often less optimal.

Web app development

Unlike native app development, web apps are not real applications and not distributed via Google Stores or Apple. Indeed, web applications are websites designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets. They can be accessed by the users from the web browser. It can recognize the device the user is accessing it from, and will adapt to it. The better part of web app development is the user doesn’t have to download the application. They just have to bookmark in their browser for later access.

Web based mobile app development services are although very limited in functionality, yet it is advanced in technology, security, and internet speed. These aspects have greatly increased the scope for web-based systems.  These days, we can see web-based business accounting systems, CRM systems, Microsoft Office, and more from the app solutions of Mobile App Development Company in Chennai based on web apps.


Web applications run in a web browser and so a single responsive web application can be used across multiple device types. This results in lower development costs.
As web applications run from a host server, there is no related installation required on local machines.
Since users don’t have to download the web apps, it does not consume the internal storage of the devices.
The developers don’t have to optimize the application to suit a particular operating system.
This could save the time and efforts of app development.
There is no compulsion from the app stores to launch or frequently update the application.

Web apps are dependent on internet connection. So if the user has not signed in, he will not be able to use the application.
Since it is not a real app, it will not be distributed in stores, and so it needs extra promotional work to reach users.
Limited access to the features of devices and hardware compromises the user experience to some extent.

If the user has an aged device or browser, web apps are incapable in delivering optimal functionality in those cases. The user can find the web app only if that particular website is well-known and has a significant reach. Else, it is difficult to find the existence of the web app.

Mobile app development companies Chennai suggest developing these apps when the businesses intend to quickly deploy an app.
We hope the above points listed out here help you to pick the perfect app development type from the varied group of mobile applications. It is evident that every approach has its own set of pros and constraints. Defining the core purpose of your business before approaching a top mobile app development company is the viable way to come up with the best choice.

Having considered that mobile apps are necessary for every business, which app approach is best for you is based on its purpose of application and in accordance with the exact needs of your target audience.

Are you ready to discuss with a top mobile app development company for the most appropriate solution tailored for your needs?