Mobile SEO – An Overview

After Google introduced mobile friendliness as a ranking factor in April 2015, having a mobile friendly website has become an absolute need in the past few years. It is very difficult to comprehend the rapid growth of technology and however, we have to move on adapting as possible to survive in the competitive world. If you are a business owner and looking for all those probable ways to keep up (or a step up) it becomes essential to have in-depth insight into the internet world.

Beyond taking the steps to build your online presence, it is the high time to be proactive and evaluate the importance of mobile search engine optimization. After all, SEO Services is about thinking all the way in all aspects to provide the best possible search experiences.

If you are intended to reach people on all devices, then it is not only the time to optimize the website for desktop, but also for mobile devices. Failing to optimize the site for mobile devices may end up in making the website fall in reaching its full potential, which is not absolutely good for any business.

A look into mobile SEO in marketing

If you still have not heard of mobile SEO term, then it is essential to know about its definition, before we move in depth. In fact, there is a lot of confusion among people about what mobile SEO actually is about. Here we as a leading SEO Company in Chennai, would like to make it clear for you.

Mobile SEO refers to the methodology of optimizing a website for both users who access the websites through their mobile devices and also for the mobile bots from Google. The core purpose of mobile SEO is to consider and take into account the differences between the platforms desktop and mobile. Make use of the power of mobile devices and utilize it in optimizing in the forms of offering content layouts and interfaces that are best designed to suit small screens of the mobile devices.

The focus on this β€˜go to’ SEO strategy is gaining it prominence among SEO Services Company in Chennai, especially with increased Mobile passed Desktop Traffic percentages and after the announcement of Google’s mobile first index. Thanks to thriving technology and increased usage of mobile devices, webmasters are highly focused on their SEO plan.

Besides giving top priorities to high value on quality and timeliness, Google is now also prioritizing focus on users. And this is the reason for the update of mobile-friendly. With an increasing number of search queries taking place through mobile devices, mobile SEO has a significant milestone in the journey of search engine optimization. The statement from Google also emphasizes that mobile SEO hopes to have a stronger focus than conventional desktop ranking factors.

Find out how mobile SEO differs from Desktop SEO

A probable question that may strike you at this moment with you will be -’When my website is responsive and I apply all those strategies to conventional SEO, what makes the need for mobile SEO?’ There are a lot of factors that carry out the answer for this question. The major point lies in the user intent. The reason the users make their searches from the desktop is completely different from searching on their mobile devices. And of course, it is particularly important for when a firm wants to make its stand as a no 1 SEO company in Chennai.

Mobile SEO particularly targets the mobile searchers with major focus on the needs, search behavior and intent of searchers of mobile devices. Though both desktop and mobile SEO stands on the base of common principles, they differ in their environment characteristics and restrictions and specifically to get the most out of mobile devices.

When it comes to ranking algorithms used by SEO services in India, there come the differences between the users of mobile and desktop. Google algorithms tend to change with respect to displaying location customized results, when a user makes searches from his smartphone.
Since mobile users will be less interested in scrolling down, the position in search results is very necessary when targeting mobile device searches. While in the case of desktop searches, it is common for the users to scroll down and search other result pages.
When people use the desktop to get results, they are likely to type a keyword in the search bar, but with mobile devices they tend to make searches for different keywords. In advanced cases, they may not prefer to type keywords but make use of voice activated search tools.
As mobile users are on the go, content services of SEO Company in Chennai put emphasis on straightforward content, whereas desktop SEO strategy content will focus on informative and longer ones.

What should you do?

Below are the useful points that will help you in optimizing for mobile devices and prepare your website for mobile SEO revolution.

Under the intention of users, review your website layout and design, thus ensuring best user experience.
Use responsive website design since they have the same HTML code and content for the same URL, no matter from what device users access the website.
Use a mobile emulator tool to know how your website looks on a number of mobile devices.

Yes, it is the right time to adopt mobile search engine optimization if you wish to enhance your user experiences.
You have three options to make your website compatible with mobile browsing:

Responsive Design,
Mobile Version And

Under the intention of users, review your website layout and design, thus ensuring best user experience. Use responsive website design since they have the same HTML code and content for the same URL, no matter from what device users access the website. Use a mobile emulator tool to know how your website looks on a number of mobile devices.

You can also get into building a separate, mobile version of your website through SEO services. In general these URLs start with the β€œM.” prefix and it denotes that it is a mobile site. Remember, this version of the website is independent from your main website.
When it comes to mobile applications, they differ from responsive design and mobile websites and they have to be downloaded from portals Google Play Market or the App Store. Applications can give faster access to content and deliver smoother interactions. However, they are not the best solutions for all websites. They can be the best fit for certain platforms which require access for dynamic content. Applications may also be good for game websites and websites related to service platforms like banks.
Google Search Console also can help you on finding and fixing mobile usability issues with the website. Alternatively you can also approach a SEO company to make things done.

Smartphones and devices are adding convenience to easy access of the internet just from our hands. In this busy digital world everyone is always on the go and so is the need for things that well suit their lifestyles. Mobile usage together with mobile searches is climbing peaks.

Since power and mobile devices will continue to grow, putting better focus on mobile user experience through mobile SEO takes its importance in your marketing efforts.

So, are you ready to grow your business with mobile SEO optimization services?